Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kids Too FAT? Bullying? Plus Size Model & Star Jones Speak Out

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Obese kids.

Reaching epidemic levels according to a new ad campaign.

"It's hard to be a little girl if you're not."

"Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid."

"Fat Prevention begins at home. And the buffet line."

[Stop childhood obesity. strong4life.com]

Do these ads border on bullying?

Star Jones, host of the View who went from a Size 26 to a 6 says tells Wendy Williams she supports the tactics. "When you're full-figured that's one thing. But when you're massively overweight, 300 pounds and 5'5, somebody needs to say:"

'You are obese.'

Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen says:

"We're focusing on the problem, not the solution. Energy goes will attention flows. Once we grab the attention, we need to focus on what we do want. We want our kids to be more healthy, more energy, more alive!"

Are our kids getting too fat?

What do you think?

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