Monday, July 20, 2015

Is Fat Sex Better Sex?

Is Fat Sex Better Sex?

San Francisco, CA – July 20, 2015 - “60% of American women are on a diet, and feel shame having sex because they’re ‘too fat’, but this Plus Size Model says otherwise.”

Why do most overweight women hide their bodies while having sex?

The topic is debatable as Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen is noticing on her YouTube, ranging from “boy and girl should wait until marriage” to enjoying “more inch to the pinch.”

The channel ranges from weight loss, beauty, to sex stories. The most popular: Sex and Body Image.

“Most YouTuber’s want to see ‘fat’ and ‘sex’ – we’re a culture obsessed with our bodies, and sex!” says Nancy.

Plus Size Model, Nancy Hayssen, posed nude in response to the Love Your Body ad campaign in Times Square shocking millions of men and women worldwide gaining 300,000+ YouTube views - inspiring women to start loving their bodies.

“I’m happy of my voluptuous body; I feel my curves are sexy and I want women to know they are, too; there is no reason to hide and every reason to enjoy your body having sex,” says Hayssen, author of Sexy at Any Size! as featured on Fox News, Playboy, Entertainment Tonight.

She is now helping others to feel sexy in their skin by sharing authentic real-life stories with her friends and followers on YouTube.

Model Nancy Hayssen showcases Sexy At Any Size’s new YouTube channel by releasing this July “Is Fat Sex Better Sex?” video for viewers around the world.

You be the judge and take a look at the debatable video:

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Plus Size Model Nancy Hayssen
Author of Sexy at Any Size!

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